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       Little Men is a quality family TV show that captured my attention from the first episode I watched.  The show is about a woman named Jo Bhaer who has to run her school practically alone after her husband dies.  She and the children at her school have good times and bad, but the Plumfield school is a home for all of them.  It is an adventure-filled, romantic, and wholesome show that is set in the late 1800's and is based loosely on the book by Louisa May Alcott (author of Little Women).  If you are an avid fan of the books, you may not be satisfied with the show, but the series is a charming story on its own.  Sadly, the show has been cancelled and is not being shown on PAX TV anymore.  A fan created a petition in order to get Little Men reruns back on the PAX channel . . . click here to sign it!  Episodes are currently being shown on ShowTime Family, in Canada (on Bravo--Thursdays at 12:00 pm ET, and CTV), in Israel on the Middle East Television station, and in France as "Les Enfants de Plumfield" (The Children of Plumfield).  The US Hallmark station was thinking of airing reruns of Little Men, but they have since said it is not on their line-up.  Click here for addresses to write to them and tell them of your interest in having Little Men on their station!
      The way things are going downhill on TV these days is disheartening, but Little Men is a refreshing change, with relatively few flaws.  Most of my large family has enjoyed this show.
      I want to thank the Little Men fans for their help, input, and support of this site.  I couldn't have done it without you!  Still, it is a challenge to work on and I've tried to be creative in coming up with new things.  I hope you like my page devoted to Little Men!

       I'm glad to get e-mails from fans, so don't be afraid to write!  And while you're here, please sign my guestbook! =)

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      Four episodes of Little Men came out on DVD and video!  Buy your copy DVD Planet (at 30% off), or  To thank BFS, please click here!  To see a PDF file of the product info, click here!


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