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Ready to test your memory?  Try out this quiz and see how you score!
(No cheating by looking for answers on other web sites!)

Keep track of how many you get right and
check your personal score with the chart at the bottom.


Please participate in Quiz #3!

Please participate in Quiz #2!


#1.  Which composer is Bessís favorite?

      A.     Handel
B.     Mozart 
C.     Beethoven
D.    Scarlatti
E.  Schubert

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#2.  Which group was Bess talking about that was playing her favorite composer's work?

      A.     The Allegri String Quartet
B.     The Boston Orchestra
C.     The Dayton String Ensemble
D.  The Cheshire Quartet

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#3.  How long did it take Charlotte to find a can of peaches when the store shelf was broken?

      A.     20 minutes
B.     8 minutes
C.     An hour
D.    10 minutes
E.   Half an hour

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#4.  What kind of preserves did Charlotte take to Plumfield to give to Nick?

      A.     blueberry
B.     strawberry
C.     raspberry
D.  peach

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#5.  How many people who reside/have resided at Plumfield were in jail (behind bars) before?

           A.     6
           B.     4
           C.     8
  D.  5

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Answer Chart

0 = Have you even watched Little Men?
1 = You need watch Little Men some more.
2 = Not bad.
3 = Pretty good.
4 = You almost made it to the Little Men fan-atic stage!
5 = I can see you sitting and eating pop-corn, watching your tapes of Little Men over and over again until the tapes are worn out. =)