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Thank you, Dan, for letting me use some of your sound files (from Season One)!
Listen to more audio clips at his Sights and Sounds page, as well as his "Little Men" Jukebox.
One of my brothers kindly helped me set up for recording these and he helped me get the files to work on the internet.  Thanks!
. . . I may have gone a little overboard in recording clips, but it's hard to choose what to record when I like all of an episode. =)

If you want to you use any of these sounds on your web-sites, please contact me first (or Dan for his)!
It took work to record them, and I don't appreciate people who don't think to ask or at least provide a link.


More music and sounds to come!


(To play this file you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows '98 and newer)*

Little Men Theme Song
(without introductory words)
(236 KB)



Season One

From the episode Changes

Burn the House Down
(329 KB)

Nick:  And Tommy . . . Try not to burn the house down.

Under Control
(394 KB)

Noises of Jo falling
Dan & Nat: Miss Jo! Miss Jo!
Nat:  I'm sorry, we didn't see you there!
Nick: Are you all right?
Jo:  It's okay.  It's okay, I'm okay.  I'm okay. *Hard breathing*  See?  Everything's under control.


From the episode Quarantine

Chewy Tea
(400 KB)
(MP3 file - Can be played on Real Player or Real Jukebox
see requirements at the bottom of page)

Asia:  Mmm . . . [clinking of spoon] Oh, and tea?  Mmm. . . [sipping tea]  Nat, you did strain the tea, now?
Asia:  That's okay, I like my tea chewy.
Nat:  I-Is the toast how you like it?
Asia:  *Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch*  Perfect.


Season Two

From the episode Opposites Attract
Most of these are for you, Melanie. ;o)
(To play these WAV files you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows '98 and newer)*

Perfect (24 KB)

Amy:  It's perfect, isn't it?
Laurie: Yes.  Perfect!
(They are talking about the subject of a painting Amy is planning on making.)

Schoolwork in Town (74 KB) Franz is trying to teach the kids in town, but they keep interrupting him.
History was Made (9 KB)

Franz:  This is where history was made.  (Part of the little speech he makes for school.)

You're Very Wet (85 KB) Franz is in the middle of teaching the kids when Isabel accidentally splashes a bucket of water on him.
Flour (336 KB) Isabel struggles to gain possession of a flour sack and in the process spills flour all over Franz.
Good Kind of Trouble (222 KB) Franz talks about how infuriating Isabel is, but Jo and Nick can easily see that Franz likes Isabel.
Loud 'n Clear (9 KB)

Nick:  Comin' through loud 'n clear.  (This is a short clip from the previous WAV.)

Franz, Isabel & the Cake
(270 KB)
Isabel gives Franz a cake to make up for her accidents.
Cake & Courting (225 KB) Jo thinks maybe Franz should court Isabel, but Franz denies any interest in Isabel.
Franz's Invitation (358 KB) Franz invites Isabel to go on a carriage ride and have a picnic with him.
Picnic Poetry - Nan & Franz
(283 KB)
Nan and Franz discuss where he is going to take Isabel.  Nan says that anything is better than a poetry reading.
Sounds Good (4 KB)

Nan:  Sounds good.  (This is a short clip from the previous WAV.)

Isabel's Carriage Ride (267 KB) Isabel takes the reins from from Franz and they have a wild ride.
French Meal (264 KB) The people of Plumfield make a French meal for Amy and Laurie.  Dan tries to say something in French, but it doesn't come out right.
Howdy - Bonjour (26 KB)

Nick:  Howdy. . . . Uh, I mean *snap*  bonjour.

Franz's Courtship Announcement
(74 KB)
In the middle of town, Franz announces that he intends to court Miss Isabel MacGregor.


From the episode Family Business
(To play these WAV files you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows '98 and newer)*

Sounds Like Someone I Know
(147 KB)
Meg and Jo talk about Asia's Aunt Lydian.
Asia & Nick (139 KB) Asia talks to Nick about her status at Plumfield.
Better Get Goin' (14 KB)

Nick:  Well, I'd better get goin'.

Enjoying Myself (44 KB) Meg informs Jo that she's quite enjoying her stay at Plumfield.
Garden Sticks/Roderigo (233 KB) Jo and Meg fight about the position of garden sticks and reenact part of the play Jo wrote when she was a girl.
Poems for Asia (309 KB) The kids try to make Asia stay by reciting poems about her.
Sounds Like Fun (6 KB)

Tommy:  That sounds like fun.  (He is referring to keeping the housekeeper applicants from staying.)

Tommy Crash Sorry (16 KB)

*Loud crashTommy:  Sorry.

Frogs (170 KB) The children scare one of the housekeeper/cook applicants away by letting frogs loose in the house.
Lies (370 KB) The children scare Mrs. Wade away by telling her some lies about previous housekeepers.
(For my thoughts on this clip and other ethical problems, see Ethical Angles.)
Molasses (455 KB) After chatting with Jo, the final applicant has molasses dumped on her head.
Pleased to Meet You (7 KB)

Asia:  Pleased to meet you.  (This is a short clip from the previous WAV.)

Asia & Jo Family (505 KB) Asia and Jo discuss the way they feel about each other and Jo lets Asia make her own decision about leaving or staying.
Asia & Nan Friends (277 KB) Nan asks Asia for forgiveness and Asia assures Nan that they will always be friends.
Fell in Creek (17 KB) The kids are chatting at the dinner table before the meal begins (with background noise).
I had never really noticed or understood what they were saying, before . . .
Nan: "Tommyhe fell in the creek today."
Bess: Oh, very funny.
Someone: Again?
Best Friends (171 KB) Meg and Jo resolve their differences.
Welcome at the Table (105 KB) Jo announces that Asia and Nick are welcome at the table.
You Are My Family (437) The children are talking about all the things they appreciate about Asia.  Asia walks up and tells them that she what she really wants is a familyand that they are her family.


From the episode Leap of Faith
Some more for Melanie. ;o)
(To play these WAV files you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows '98 and newer)*

Pointer (265 KB)

Franz shows Isabel the schoolroom and they talk about teaching.

Handsome Teacher (118 KB)

Isabel tells Franz she would have loved having him as a teacher.

Out of the Wagon (68 KB)

A robber orders Jo to get out of her wagon.

Monsters (21 KB)

Nick (to Jo):  So what happened? . . . Did the monsters get ya'?


From the episode Brothers and Sisters
(To play these WAV files you need Windows Media Player, which comes with Windows '98 and newer)*

Behave Yourself

Nick (to Ben):  Well, you just be sure to behave yourself while yer here.

Loafin' Around

Nick:  Just remember, I got lots of chores.  I can't be loafin' around with you all day.
Ben:  Don't worry.  I loaf around just fine on my own.

Parasol Bug Bess explains how she caught a praying mantis for Nan.

Bess (to Nan):  I'm gonna have nightmares for a week.  (This is a short clip from the previous WAV.)


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