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What in the world is Rigmarole?

In the book, Little Women, it is a game in which one person starts a story, another person continues, then another person, and so on.  This game is basically the same, except that the story has to be about the characters in the Little Men show.  Originally, I was going to try to make a story that could be instantly added on to, which would have been more like the Rigmarole game in Little Women, but I'm not sure how to do that, yet.

When people were playing the game in Little Women, they said whatever came into their heads.  I would appreciate a little more thought before you write and email me the next part of the story.  Be especially careful with grammar and spelling.  We want everyone to be able to understand what is being said even if it's just a silly story.  Also remember to make your part "family friendly."  Read all parts of the story before adding on to it.  Each part must be at least two paragraphs, and at the longest, three pages.  (Three pages are approx. 2,100 words.)  If you wish to participate in the story, please email me ( and tell methose who email me first will get to write their part of the story first.  (The first person to email me will write the second part, the second person will write the third part, and so on.)  Include your name/nickname that you would like to be credited as, the date/s that you wrote the story, and, optionally, your age.

When we are done writing the story, we will probably suggest titles and vote for our favorite.


Part One of Story One
(by Melissa, aka: Honey Bee)

Part Two of Story One
(by ae)

Part Three of Story One
(by Melissa, aka: Honey Bee)

Part Four of Story One
(by ae)